Since we are just at the beginning of our 90-day challenge, our numbers won’t blow your mind but you might be interested to see that there is still a bit of income coming through although we have decided to run this project entirely anonymously and without showing the face.

Don’t be fooled by fake gurus promising you financial freedom in 6 months and one funnel away stories! Living off as an affiliate marketer requires a lot of technical knowledge to setup the business, then you need to have selected niche deep understanding and at least a basic knowledge of the platform you’re gonna use:

Basically to succeed you will have to:

  1. build a website
  2. publish quality content
  3. promote your content on other platforms to amplify your story.
  4. build an email list (a concept Spiro Kovac talks about in his membership: Affiliate Secrets Exposed.)

This is why you should first and foremost blog about things you are passionate about before thinking about how to monetize your content.

In this article, we explain how we monetize our faceless startup, what works, what doesn’t, and how much we made so far. Are you ready to dive in?

How do we monetize our blog?

We have three sources of revenue for our blog: affiliate marketing, referral and display advertising.

Display Advertising

Unfortunately we are not yet monetized.

Affiliate Marketing

Unfortunately we are not yet monetized.

YouTube Advertising

Unfortunately we are not yet monetized.